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Ornamental Penmanship - Hanoi


Time: 9 AM - 4:30 PM
Date: January 20-21, 2018

Platt Roger Spencer, whose name the style bears, developed his script since 1840. He used various existing scripts as inspiration to develop a unique oval-based penmanship style that could be written very quickly and legibly to aid in matters of business correspondence as well as elegant personal letter-writing. Soon after Spencerian became popular all over across the United States and was considered the standard of American cursive handwriting until the 1920s when the spreading popularity of the typewriter rendered its use as a prime method of business communication obsolete.

1860s-1920 is the Golden Age of Penmanship in America. Spencerian was continuously developed by generations of greatest penmen and refined to an art form of human hand expression: Ornamental Penmanship. Ornamental Penmanship was no longer a name of one specific calligraphy style, but a name of glorious technique of pointed pen, which represented the most elegant and graceful in handwriting at that time.

In this workshop, we will explore how to write Spencerian that was popular in Golden Age and study how it was different to old school Spencerian.


Please prepare materials yourself before come to the class (except for paper and ink are included)

  1. Oblique Pen Holder
  2. Pointed nib (Leonardt Principal, Hunt 101, Gillott 303/404, Zebra G)
  3. Ink (Higgins, Walnut, iron gal)
  4. Practice paper (white)
  5. Black paper (optional)
  6. Gouache, watercolor (optional)


1,800,000 VND
(2 day class) or
2,050,000 VND
(2 day class + one wooden oblique pen holder & one Leonardt Principle nib)

Transaction to bank account:
Dao Huy Hoang
Vietcombank Chua Lang

If you are not living in Vietnam, please make payment through
90 USD (2 days) or 100 USD (2 days & pen set) (included 5% transaction fee)