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Italic: Formal & Flourish Forms - Ho Chi Minh City

  • Time Sun See Coworking and Art Space 55 Trần Nhật Duật Tân Định, Hồ Chí Minh Vietnam (map)

Cancellaresca (or Chancery Cursive), the origin of Italic as we know today, was developed during 15th Century Renaissance in Italy. The new design of letters allowed scribers to write at better speed than ever before, and soon Cancellaresca became popular all over Europe. Cancellaresca had been refined through hundreds of years and inspired many type designers in modern world.

Italic (from Latin Italicus) means "Italian", "of Italy" or "from Italy". Earlier (1570s) the word was used in English for the plain, sloping style of handwriting (opposed to gothic), and italic printing sometimes in English was called cursive (and also Aldine). Often, but not always, for emphasis; in manuscripts indicated by an underscored line.

In this workshop we will study the basic letterform of Italic and move on to more flourished - lively form. We will start from historical principles, then explore possibilities of hand tools, materials and gestures to express ourselves into the art of lettering.


Please bring your own tools to the class, essential materials:

  1. Straight holders
  2. Broad edge nib (Speedball C2, C3 & C5; or Brause 3mm, 2.5mm & 1.5 mm; or Mitchell 01, 02 & 04)
  3. Brush to load ink
  4. Flat brush, folded pen (optional)
  5. Dark ink (Higgins, Walnut, or Inkstick)
  6. Big size paper (70-100 cm)
  7. Straight & angle ruler, pencil, eraser
  8. Colors (gouache, watercolor, pencil, etc.)


3,100,000 VND
(3 day class & class notes)

Transaction to bank account:
Dao Huy Hoang
Vietcombank Chua Lang

If you are not living in Vietnam, please make payment through
Total fee is 145 USD (included 5% transaction fee)