September 15-18

Spencerian for Beginners: Fri 15 Sep

Spencerian is a form of penmanship that was popular in 19th and early 20th century in America. It was first introduced by Platt Rogers Spencer (1800-1864), and soon became a standard of education and business writing, then it was named after him to honor his unique contribution to penmanship. During the golden age of Spencerian lasted from approximately 1850 to 1925, generations of penmen in America had developed and refined original Spencerian to an elegant and elaborate style, as known as Ornamental Penmanship. In this course, students will study the Spencerian written in the Golden Age of Penmanship in America, which is more β€˜completed’ than it was before. This class will go through the simplified principles of Spencerian and practice from basic to advanced. Movement and accuracy of form are the greatest aim for new students.

Take-home materials: class notes, pocket folder, walnut ink, 2 flexible nibs, oblique pen holder, guidesheet

Copperplate for Beginners: Sat 16 Sep

Roundhand (common name Copperplate) is a beautiful letterform made with a flexible pointed pen nib. The pointed pen allows to thick downward strokes and hairline thin upward strokes, creating graceful, flowing letterforms in a script sequence. This class provides overview of foundational principals of Roundhand, spacing, and understanding of the word 'roundhand' will be taught. The class will also cover on how to distinguish original English Roundhand to other historical script, French Roundhand, Italian Roundhand and American Roundhand. 

Take-home materials: class notes, pocket folder, walnut ink, 2 flexible nibs, oblique pen holder, guidesheet

Copperplate - Intermediate Level: Sun 17 Sep

In this class students will work with details to bring formal script to life, give the letter breath and dance move. Students will explore how to work with dots, pressure and angle manipulation, layers, composition and form variations, etc. Knowledge of beginning Roundhand would be required, preferred understanding usage of both straight and oblique pen holder.

Take-home materials: class notes, pocket folder, walnut ink, white ink, smooth white and black paper, 2 flexible nibs, guidesheet

Off-hand Flourishing: Mon 18 Sep 

This is an introductory course which will cover the dynamics of traditional off-hand flourishing. In this class we will learn principal elements as layout, strokes, contrast, sequence, variety and details. We will compose these individual elements into such traditional patterns as abstract lone flourishes, quills, birds, and swans and go further with techniques of layering, interpreting, crossing, distributing, etc. 

Take-home materials: class notes, pocket folder, walnut ink, 2 flexible nibs, straight holder

Past workshops

1/2015 Workshops in Singapore & Indonesia
8/2015-10/2015 Workshops in Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand
11/2015 Workshops in Hanoi
1/2016 Workshops Melbourn & Sydney, Australia; workshop in Brunei
3-4/2016 Workshops in Hanoi
5/2016 Workshops in Ho Chi Minh City
6/2016 A Show of Hands, international calligraphy conference in Ashville, NC
7/2016 IAMPETH Convention in Portland, OR (Scholarship recipient)
7/2016 Workshops in Berkeley, CA with Ink Academy
            Workshop in Salt Lake City, UT
8/2016 Workshop in Indianapolis, IN
9/2016 Workshop in Singapore
12/2016 - 4/2017 Workshop in Hanoi
5/2017 Workshop in Ho Chi Minh city
7/2017 Workshop in Bellevue, WA, USA