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Hoang is a full-time calligrapher based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Deeply inspired by his late grandfather, he learnt from calligrapher Margaret Shepherd and spends time studying lettering and history. He is recognised international calligraphy artist despite his young age. He was awarded the 2016 IAMPETH scholarship to attend Annual Convention in Portland, Oregon, US; 2017 Dancing Letters Scholarship to attend international calligraphy conference Letterworks in Ogden, UT, US and 2018 Seattletters Scholarship in Bellingham, WA. 

Hoang teaches both the broad nib and the pointed pen, specialized in Roman, Italic, Roundhand, Spencerian and Flourishing classes. His international teaching tour started in Singapore and Jakarta in 2015, and has since been invited to teach in the various cities in the US, Australia, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan. 

Hoang is also a pen maker; he makes pen holders by hand and is constantly driven to improve his craftsmanship to place beautiful pens in the hands of new owners. He also learn Japanese Urushi (lacquer painting) and bring his pens to new level of art.

2015 Pen World Magazine, August Issue, USA
2015 Singsa Magazine & Rajasiha Magazine, Thailand
2015 Young Journals, Vietnam
2016 Calligraphy talk, Hanoi
2018 New Generation news
2018 Type Magazine
2019 Craftsmanship of Vietnam
2019 Interview for “Modern Calligraphy for Kids” by Sally Sanders

1/2015 Workshops in Singapore & Indonesia
8/2015-10/2015 Workshops in Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand
11/2015 Workshops in Hanoi
1/2016 Workshops Melbourn & Sydney, Australia; workshop in Brunei
3-4/2016 Workshops in Hanoi
5/2016 Workshops in Ho Chi Minh City
6/2016 A Show of Hands, international calligraphy conference in Ashville, NC
7/2016 IAMPETH Convention in Portland, OR (Scholarship recipient)
7/2016 Workshops in Berkeley, CA with Ink Academy
            Workshop in Salt Lake City, UT
8/2016 Workshop in Indianapolis, IN
9/2016 Workshop in Singapore
6/2017 Letterworks, international calligraphy conference in Odgen, UT(Scholarship recipient)
7/2017 Workshop in Bellevue, WA
7/2017 IAMPETH Convention in Louisville, KE
9/2017 Workshop in Singapore
11/2017 International Calligraphy Symposium in Kyoto, Japan
7/2018 International Calligraphy Conference - Seattletters, Bellingham, WA
8/2018 Workshop in New York City
3/2019 Annual International Workshop. Hanoi
6/2019 Workshop in Taipei, Taiwan
9/2019 Annual workshop, Ho Chi Minh city

28/3 - 30/4/2019 Solo Exhibition “Lined-up Letters”, Hanoi
28/8 - 11/9 Exhibition “Works on Paper”, Hanoi

Calligraphy Conferences
A Show of Hands, Ashville 2016
IAMPETH, Portland 2016
Letterworks, Ogden 2017
IAMPETH, Louisville 2017
Kyoto Calligraphy Symposium, Kyoto 2017
Seattletters, Bellingham 2018
IAMPETH, Milwaukee 2018
Rendez Vous, Quebec - Canada 2019
IAMPETH, Denver 2019

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